Measurements & Sizing


We recommend that you have someone take your measurements. It is very difficult to obtain correct measurements doing it yourself. Taking and providing us with accurate measurements will ensure your gown will be as close a fit to your body. When being measured, look straight ahead. Do not look down, as this can alter your measurements. Stand tall with your arms down your sides.


Trixibelle Gowns are available in standard AU dress sizings as outlined in the size chart below. These gowns are not custom-made to your exact measurements, therefore alterations may be necessary. It is extremely important that you order a size to fit the largest part of your body. If you are between sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size and if necessary, and have the dress altered down.
Penny Lane Bride gowns will be ordered using the measurements your provide to us as they are made-to-measure gowns.


Do not measure over clothing. Measure with undergarments similar to those you will wear with your dress. The measurement tape should be placed around your body as outlined below and should not be pulled too tight or have too much slack.


Measurement guidelines

Bust: Measure across the back and fullest part of the bust (not under the bust).

Upper Bust: Measure your upper bust as if you were wearing a strapless dress. The tape should go around your back, up under your underarm and across the top of your bust.

Under Bust: Measure your under bust and around you back where the underwire in your bra sits. This?should be a firm measurement.

Waist: Measure across the narrowest part of the natural waist. Bend to one side to find the natural waist.

Hips: Standing with feet together, measure at the fullest part of the hip.

Nipple to Nipple: Wearing appropriate undergarments, measure the distance from nipple to nipple.

Front Lenght of Shoulder to Waist: Measure from shoulder to waist down across your bust to the waist. Keep the tape measure line straight up and down.

Skirt Length: Wearing your shoes (or shoes with the heal height you are going to wear on the day) measure from your waist to the floor.

You will need to provide these measurments during checkout. You can enter them in the ‘instructions’ space provided. If you have difficulty with these measurements, please phone us for assistance. Alternatively make an appointment with us, and we can do it for you.

Download our Measurement Guide to help record your details.


(all measurements are listed below in cm). Please use this size chart if you are ordering a Trixibelle Gown. Trixibelle gowns are very reasonable Australian sizes. Generally if you are a size 14 in daily clothing, then you will be a size 14 in a Trixibelle Gown.


8 85 66 90
10 90 70 95
12 95 75 100
14 100 85 105
16 105 90 110
18 110 95 115
20 115 100 120
22 120 105 125
24 125 110 130